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More from Less:

Minimalist Versatility 



We create gear that breaks the barrier between outerwear protection and daily comfort.

As a group of travelers who spend our time snowboarding, skateboarding, and camping, we were tired of buying countless pieces for all of our activities. That's why we create life-spanning garments that help people spend more time enjoying and less time sorting through gear. Blending innovative materials with utilitarian design, our garments prove that less can be more. By blocking the elements, moving freely with your body, and lasting for years to come, our gear is a tool for living a minimalist, experience-oriented lifestyle.

Welcome to the next generation of versatility.

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MINIM Buyback


Longevity is deep seeded into our brand. In order to provide more from less, each MINIM product is manufactured to double the estimated lifetime of a typical sportswear piece.


If your MINIM gear has received substantial wear at any point in its lifetime, send it back to us and we'll give you 50% credit towards any new MINIM product. Once received, we'll do our best to mend the damage and give it new life to someone in need.

To receive your free return shipping label, send us an email with your shipping address at




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