Field Test: MINIM Fleece

Meet the waterproof fabric that makes you feel like you're in the clouds.


We took a group of friends out to San Diego to put our gear to the test while hiking, hanging, and skating.


With a brush resistant face and soft interior, the hoodie was perfectly at home during our first cool evening.


The zippered pocket was the ideal size for carrying around our excess camera gear


After hiking around in the hoodie, it was time to hit the skate park to test the pants.


Although virtually windproof, the fleece still breathes due to its micro-pore membrane, so you'll be covered during high activity.

Nose Manual

...Or just use the ankle vents to air it out.

zip :)

Whether hiking, skating, or relaxing, it's all about doing more with less. From our humble opinion, these pieces are the perfect tools for doing just that.