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Built to last construction.


All weather protection. All day comfort.


Dynamic styling.


Built to last: Most apparel companies cut costs by making their products with quick and cheap sewing. These garments typically break down within a few years before ending up in a landfill. We produce our garments using secure stitching techniques and add reinforcements on all potential wear points. We do this so you can enjoy your gear for years to come, spending more time enjoying life rather than buying new clothes.


All weather protection: Our state of the art waterproof fleece is designed to take you from the sun to the rain and snow with ease. MINIM tech fleece pairs traditional waterproof membrane technology with performance fabrics far more comfortable than previously offered from other brands. It's a match made in heaven that gives you weather-protective gear you actually want to wear. No more choosing between the comfy hoodie and bulky rain jacket.


Dynamic styling: What good is your gear if you look like you're summiting a mountain every time you grab coffee? Our hoodies and pants went through months of rigorous design to find the perfect blend of style and comfort. So go ahead, use your MINIM gear during your next excursion and don't stop to change before heading back to town.


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