Mt. Hood: A Guide to Summer Snowboarding


Oh, summertime. Your warm sun rays and endless nights are truly spectacular. But for those of us who don't find warm weather activities enough, it can be a time of serious withdrawal from ripping.

Fortunately for us Oregonians, Mt. Hood acts as the Mecca of summer shredding. For those of you considering a trip out to the magnificent volcano of endless stoke, here is your guide:

Hanging at Mt. Hood


The public park is well stacked with mid to large size rails, boxes, and jumps. Although you won't get the same amount pros ripping next to you as High Cascade or Windells, the Timberline park crew does a killer job of keeping features intact and the park flowing. Get here before the Magic Mile lift closes (around mid-July) for shorter lines and the full sized pipe. For those who prefer to cruise, the Palmer snowfield is well groomed every morning and stays firm from about 8:00 to 10:30.

Riding Timberline Chairlift
Backside 180 Snowboard


There are countless campgrounds within a 15 minute drive of Government Camp (located just a few miles from Timberline). Trillium Lake is the most popular but will be booked months in advance. But, they reserve walk-in only sites if you can get there first thing in the morning. Other good "official" camp sites include: Frog Lake, Clear Lake (which has ironically murky water), and Still Creek.

For free or cheap camping, go to "The Strip" outside Government Camp or snag one of the few campsites towards the top Timberline Road (although these don't open until the snow is gone in early July). Timberline also let's people sleep in their cars or vans in the parking lot.



Daily essentials include glacier shades, tons of sunscreen, extra mittens, a gallon container of water, swim trunks, long sleeve shirt, your skateboard, and enough money to pay for $68 lift tickets.

Although it may be summer, it's still the Pacific Northwest. Sunny days are often in the high 70's, but when the clouds roll in, prepare for temperatures in the 50's and rain. Pack your MINIM hoodie and pants so your not caught soaking wet at the campsite or hill. 

Parking Lot Hanging


Once you go Cobra Dogs, you can never go back to the normal hot dog. They're insane. The truck also offers dessert dogs and veggie dogs for the animal lovers. The Huckleberry Inn has face-sized donuts all day along with typical American food and Volcano Cones has killer by-the-scoop ice cream. For groceries, head to the General Store, but prepare to pay a mark up. For a full grocery store, head to Sandy-45 minutes west of town.


Charlie's Bar is the go-to spot for brews and night time hang outs. There's a secret skate park (if you can find the location) and day use areas for all of the nearby lakes. If you're staying for awhile, a surf session at the coast is a must. We recommend Short Sands or Indian Beach. Waves are typically mellow, between 3-6 feet, with pretty long periods.


Surfing at short sands beach in the hoodie and pants

There you have it! Now get out here!